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Why don't we start fresh by posting this journal entry here for Candy introductions. I'll introduce my candy first and then you guys follow my lead and introduce yours in the comments.

Ok, so here goes!

So my candy's name is SakuraB, she's based off the blue haired beauty I have for a mascot. She's creative, so she likes to draw and listen to music, but she's also quite a studious worker and loves to study (I think that is why she gets along with Nathaniel so well).

When she first arrived to Sweet Amoris she happy to meet so many welcoming people, but the person she was most happy to meet would have to be Castiel. I think she was most happy to meet him because he seemed quite different to the other students at the school and he seemed to be quite the rebel (I don't know why but Sakura has a thing for the bad boys... to be honest so do I...). The only trouble is Castiel was very difficult to talk to at first because she had such a quiet personality when she first arrived at Sweet Amoris. But since being at Sweet Amoris for a few months she has come more out of her shell, and sometimes perhaps a little too much...

Her favourite boys to hang out with (besides Castiel) would have to be Lysander (he's just so nice to her and a lot easier to talk to than Castiel). Also Armin and his brother Alexy have to be her next favourite two boys because to her she feels almost as close to them as if they were her own brothers. She especially gets along with Armin considerably because is quite the gamer girl herself.

Her girlfriends she hangs out with the most would have to be Iris, Rosalya, and Violette. Especially Violette because on the weekends they often hangout in the park or somewhere outdoors to sketch things.

Overall, Sakura is a fun-loving candy to be around, at times she can be a little strange (like that time she thought it would be a good idea to try and spend all day trying to see Lysander's tattoo). So if you ever get the chance to meet her, don't hesitate to say "hi" because I guarantee she will say "hi" back and strike up quite an interesting conversation with you. ^_^

OK! So now it's over to you! Tell me about your Candy. Or if you are feeling creative draw your candy in a way that tells me all about her.
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This group is for My Candy Love comic creating committee. We plan to start making some interesting manga to post up on the site for your enjoyment.









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